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The conference aims

1) to review the concept of the multifunctionality in the light of the climate and global changes,
2) to review the techniques of multipurpose forest management as facing the today’s challenges,
3) to outline the evolution of socio-economic demands on forest products and services and
4) to highlight how forest utilization is negotiate amongst /decided by the main stakeholders.

Therefore, we call for presentations in various fields related to the management of forest resources by both forest science researchers and socio-economics researchers. The conference attempts to stimulate papers which synthesize, if possible, multi-disciplinary approaches on forest utilization, or which presents up to date research results on multi-purpose forest management in the context of the global changes, or which analyses the new social demands on forest utilization and their integration in forest management planning.

An optional field trip in Bucovina region is proposed to the participants on Saturday, 19th of September.


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